Our Products

We want our body and mind to be vibrant, youthful and energetic and enable us to live our lives to our fullest potential. There are a few simple rules:

  • We need to nourish our body;
  • We need to build a strong immune system;
  • We need to get enough quality sleep;
  • We need to reduce the impact of ever-increasing environmental toxins on our body.


It is easier and better for us to prevent diseases occurring, than to try and reverse the destruction and pain they cause once they have taken hold.

At New Image we believe that ‘life’s first food‘, colostrum, is a powerful substance that brings many good things to the body. It’s a natural material refined over millions of years to provide protection at the most vulnerable stage of our lives.

Starting the day with colostrum is a good foundation for health and to optimise natural immune function.


Nutritional Products

In addition to colostrum products, New Image provides a range of supplements to support good nutrition and health.

“Lifestyle” diseases are becoming more prevalent in this modern age. Through poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins the function or structure of specific tissues or organs progressively deteriorates. Growth factors in colostrum have been shown to support the normal release of adult stem cells into our bodies.

Adult stem cells differentiate into any type of cell in the body. This means they can help to stimulate the growth, repair and regeneration of tissues that need it.

Anti-ageing science is progressing steadily and more of the secrets of longevity are being unlocked. As well as addressing nutritional deficiencies, many people are looking for ways to extend their productive lives.

Weight Management Range

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for ongoing health and the prevention of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, joint problems, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems and psychological distress.

Obesity, defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or over, has become such a profound worldwide epidemic that it has been nicknamed ‘Globesity’. The most common cause is a combination of sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet high in sugar, processed foods and refined carbohydrates.


The New Image Weight Management Programme is based on adequate protein and controlled carbohydrate intake to get the body into a state of ketosis – the body’s natural process of burning fat for energy. The programme also encompasses dietary changes, recipes, exercise guidelines and support and motivation.

Environmental Range

Many health issues, especially degenerative diseases and cancers, are caused by environmental toxins and pollution. At New Image, we believe in protecting the environment by using natural or biodegradable ingredients wherever possible.

The New Image range of cleaners and home care products has been developed with environmental impact in mind.