Terms & Conditions

New Image International provides this personal profile website free to independent representatives of New Image International. This is provided to members only, on the condition that the online profile is used for the purpose it is intended for, as a marketing tool for members to present a professional image to customers. It must not be misused, or display objectionable material that may bring the company into disrepute.

  • Objectionable material, either words or images, will be removed without notice at the discretion of the editors at New Image.
  • Content must be consistent with existing New Image standards published on its official websites.
  • New Image Trademarks and copyrighted material cannot be used without express New Image consent.

Any material uploaded to the website should be relevant to the business goals of the New Image representative and must not expose the company to legal liability. We reserve the right to delete or edit any language or graphic material New Image deems in contravention of the above guidelines.

All postings will be moderated and action will be taken immediately and without notice, if, in our opinion, these guidelines are contravened.